Refined Sugar and its Affect on your Overall Health


Most of us now know that refined sugar is not good for us. In recent years, we have learned that sugar not only contributes to weight gain and oral caries (cavities), but that it also contributes significantly to diabetes and heart disease. However, the scary thing is that these side effects are just the tip…

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Hidden Sugars: Where You Least Expect Them

It is fair to say, when we are trying to make better food choices, we are inclined to reach for things like fruits and vegetables? Perhaps without even considering that these are  where the hidden sugars are often found – and can actually work against what we’re aiming to do? It is a safe assumption that we’re…

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Everything You Need To Know About Carbohydrates

It’s interesting, often when I speak with someone who has taken on new wellness goals, be it to combat disease, feel better or shed those extra pounds – the ‘go to’ seems to always fall around ‘carbs are bad’ and ‘I need to stop eating them’. Where in fact, today I want to suggest a…

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