Giving Thanks

No man is an island, and we all have had help in achieving our goals. I may be a solopreneur but I have had the pleasure of building my foundation with the support of an entire village.

I send thanks and gratitude to my parents, aunties, uncles and my grandmother, all who have allowed me to stand by their side and watch them create magic and love through food.

I pay homage to my Guru and his lineage for setting me on this path at an early age, quietly working in the background to guide me through the pitfalls, and into this life of joy.

I give thanks and send massive love to all those, from the early days of Ki’s Kitchen right up to the present, without whom Ki's Kitchen would not exist.  You and I know who you are.  When I prayed for help God showed up for me in the form of you and I am forever grateful.  My life is blessed because you are in it.

To all who inspired me, pushed me, encouraged me and to those who gave me the opportunity to prove to myself, you hold a special place in my heart.  Because of you I now know I am a healer.

And most of all, I give thanks with a full heart and pay tribute to the person who ignited the spark in me to follow my passion; it is with the greatest love that I dedicate all that I do, everyday in Ki’s Kitchen, to my little brother Vivek Bissoon.  If it was not for him coming home everyday from school asking me to make him something to eat, feeding his little hordes of friends for years, I would have never realised that I express my love for people through food.

Thank you Vivek!

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